Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vintage dress and fabulous flowers.

This photo shoot was put together by an amazing florist Julia Smith. And this dress was provided by Maeberry Vintage. We got up and started shooting at 6:00 am. Torture but totally worth it.
This sweet model is Paige. She was a joy to work with. 
I simply adore doing special projects just for fun. I do have to mention the old suit case. You may have seen it in other shoots I have shot throughout the years. This suit case was my great grandmothers. By Great grandpa gave it to her so long ago. When he was moving from his own home to his daughters (my grandma) he gave away so many treasures and this was one of them and I was lucky enough to see the beauty of it when i was 14 years old. Almost 20 years ago. Im so happy I get to use it so often.

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Missy said...

Oh my goodness!! I LOVE this session! Beautiful!